If you are a digital album maker you are interested.

Artmotion digital print is looking to collaborate with companies or individuals producing digital albums in various parts of the world. We are a growing network and our goal is to serve the customer. On this platform the customers make the models of the album as they wish. For our part, we have prepared graphics and templates in order for customers to find them prepared as easily as possible. We really try very hard to make their construction in the shortest possible time. at the end of the construction of the model we need our partners so that they can fully undertake the following tasks.

  • construction of the cover according to the standards that exist on the site (and these are what the customer wants)
  • print the album on quality photo paper
  • bookbinding of the whole album
  • finally the binding of the album with its cover and its preparation for sending to the customer

Τhe package should be neat so that the customer can get it without damage. For this reason we suggest the album to be wrapped in plastic bubble and placed in a box similar in size to the album and hard enough not to be strained by the transport.

We are sure that as digital album makers you know all this very well.

The reason we are looking to work together is to cover different areas with local workshops like yours. So that the end customer depending on where he is receiving the album as little time as possible. If the customer is happy then this cooperation will make us both proud.

So if you think that our collaboration can start send us some information regarding the construction of your album. Our communication will be in English or in Greek.

Thanks in advance for your interest!

Send your details and we will contact you


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